Reading Velodrome Racing

Managed by the Track Cycling League

at Palmer Park Stadium, Wokingham Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1LF
British Cycling Central Division - Governing Body for Track Racing in England & Wales

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British Cycling Licences and Regional C/C+ Road/Track Events

Published: 27 March 2011

Most of you are probably unaware that if you are a British Cycling Silver or Gold Member then you can race on your Provisional Licence by taking out a Single Day Racing Licence. This is free to Silver and Gold members, see page 49 of the Handbook. Bronze members pay £5.

Single Day Racing Licence for an Open Track Meeting is £5 for Silver and Gold members, for Bronze members £10.

It appears there is no formal application for Single Day Racing Licence, it is granted by the event organiser.

Reading Track League is registered with British Cycling as a Regional C event, ie. no licence points.

Riders would still have to join the Track League as a Member or Guest Member.

Day licence fees would apply to the Bordeaux-Paris meeting if you qualified for the derny final. DernyFest meeting is an open meeting so fee would apply.

Many of you could probably save getting the Full Racing Licence and save £32.