Reading Velodrome Racing

Managed by the Track Cycling League

at Palmer Park Stadium, Wokingham Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1LF
British Cycling Central Division - Governing Body for Track Racing in England & Wales

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Training at Reading Velodrome

Tuesdays - 8.15 pm – 9.45 pm

All the year round the track is available for training on road bikes ( unless there is a special booking) you can always check with reception. Tel 0118 901 5080 These sessions are not structured so you are free to “do your own thing” – however you will need to sign in at reception and read the instructions on track protocol before using the track. Helmets are compulsory.

Thursdays – 8.15 pm – 9.45 pm

Usually starting in March and running until end September there are training sessions specifically for track racing on fixed-wheel bikes with no brakes. These sessions are structured and cater for all levels from novices to elite riders. Novices who wish to progress to racing in the Reading Track League must receive the approval of the coaches before doing so. From October to March, Thursday evenings revert to road bike training as above.

From 12th March we will take on new novices for a series of 6 week courses leading to accreditation. The maximum riders per course will be 6 as there are only 6 hire bikes available but new riders with their own bikes will also be included to a maximum of 12 for the session. Interested riders should pre-register with Dick Poole to book a bike. Regular attendance is essential as the course is progressive.

These courses will continue through the season on a rolling basis, beginning a new course every 6 weeks.

Structured Quality Training for Track League riders will continue in parallel and accredited riders will move onto that programme at the end of their course.

Riders attending the Thursday night sessions in 2015 will be required to pay an additional £1 each to the Track League to defray the mounting costs of maintaining the Dernys. No charge will be levied if Dernys are not used and novices will be exempt if they do not use the Dernys.

Fixed wheel training will start on 12th March.

Hiring of Track Bikes

The Track League owns a small number of track bikes which can be hired at a cost of £5 per session payable to the coaches. Riders wishing to hire one of these bikes, should, if possible, bring with them their own pedals and shoes and aim to arrive a little earlier (8 pm) so that a bike can be sorted out. If definitely coming contact Chief Coach Dick Poole email

Payment and Registration

On arrival riders should go to reception to sign on and pay for the cost of the session – at the moment £5.55, but if you can produce a Students’ Card the cost is considerably lower. Once that is done riders new to the track should proceed to track-side and introduce themselves to one of the coaches.

September 2014