Derny night for A and B riders2 weeks ago

As well as a  full racing program for the C... Read More

Calling all Trackies3 weeks ago

The forecast for tomorrow evening is favourable, so why not... Read More

4th September - Clarification3 weeks ago

There seems to be some confusion regarding next Monday. A and... Read More

4th September - Are you planning to ride?3 weeks ago

Next Monday we shall be including Derny racing for the... Read More


Derny racing - 4th and 11th September1 month ago

As part of the track league program we shall include... Read More

Tonight, 14th August1 month ago

After a break of a couple of weeks (due to... Read More

Track League 7 August - Cancelled2 months ago

Apologies, but tonight's track league has been cancelled. Normal service will... Read More

Track League Meetings during August2 months ago

Track league meetings will be held as usual on 7th... Read More

Reading Derny Fest and Round of National Women's Omnium Series2 months ago

The above event will take place on 12 August, starting... Read More


Track League 31st July2 months ago

A large number of our regular riders will  be away... Read More

Results and League Standings2 months ago

Last nights results can now be found on the website. League... Read More

Round 11 - 10 July 20172 months ago

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Round 9 - 26 June 20173 months ago

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John Ralph Memorial 20k Points Trophy3 months ago

This year the event takes place on 26 June, it... Read More

Race program for the next two meetings3 months ago

19th June - 'trackcycling' 10 lap scratch, Keirins, speed race... Read More

5th June - cancelled4 months ago

Tonight's meeting has had to be cancelled. If you had entered... Read More

Thinking of riding next Monday's track league?4 months ago

Entries are in advance via RiderHQ but don't close until... Read More


Where are all the track riders in Reading?4 months ago

It is forecast to be a lovely day today, so... Read More

Round 4 - 15 May 20174 months ago

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Round 3 - 8 May 20174 months ago

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Something to think about5 months ago

Last weekend, at the Bordeaux-Paris meeting, a number of riders... Read More


Bordeaux-Paris Track Meeting5 months ago

Some fantastic racing this afternoon, well done to all. The... Read More

Bordeaux-Paris 20175 months ago

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Results - Track League 25 months ago

The results for tonight's racing have been uploaded to the... Read More

Round 2 - 24 April 20175 months ago

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Results - Track League 15 months ago

The results for the first track league of the year... Read More

24th April - Reading Track League 25 months ago

Don't forget - entries for tomorrows meeting close at 6pm... Read More

Not long until first track league meeting5 months ago

Tomorrow. 10th April, 7pm will mark the start of the... Read More

Not long until the first track league meeting of the year on 10th April6 months ago

Just a few days until the first track league meeting... Read More


First Meeting of 2017 - 10th April6 months ago

I expect you will have seen the news last weekend... Read More


Track League 20178 months ago

Happy New Year Reading Track League will restart for 2017 on... Read More