Due to the number of youth riders last year we split their races into U12,U10 and U8 and then had a race for the U14 and U16,though this was not on the programme.

This year we have decided to call the U12,U10 and U8 ‘D’ riders.

As only one women rider most weeks last year and with the introduction of novice riders from the Thursday accreditation we have decided to group them with the U14 and U16 and call them ‘C’ riders. We have also decided that any vet rider may also ride as a ‘C’ rider. U14 riders with dispensation may ride as a ‘B’ rider but will not be able to ride the 20k – British Cycling rules.

‘A’  riders cats: E, 1 , 2, Jun –  £10 race entry fee

‘B’ riders cats: 3, 4, Jun – £10 race entry fee

‘C’ rider cats:  U14, U16, Women, Vets, Novice – race entry fee (£4 U14,U16) £10 the rest.

‘D’ rider cats:  U8, U10, U12  – race entry fee £4

For 500m sprint, Keirin and Derny races U14 ,U16 girls and women will be grouped together for heats.

‘A’ riders will have White numbers – ‘B’ riders will have Orange numbers

‘C’ riders will have Green numbers – ‘D’ riders will have Yellow numbers.

There will be separate races for each group.

Guest riders will have Pink numbers.