If you are planning to ride the first track league meeting this coming Monday, 18th April, please be sure to have entered in advance on the BC website – before 5pm on Sunday, 17th April – YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RIDE IF YOU TURN UP WITHOUT ADVANCE ENTRY  – this also applies to guests.

Are you worried about rain and the meeting being cancelled? The BC transaction will not be completed until the meeting is underway, so no entry fee will be collected.

Anybody who changes their mind between entering and the day of the event, drop the organiser an email (you will have the email address on your confirmation email) and your entry will be rejected.

And finally, TRANSPONDERS. If you have your own, check you have a valid licence, if not, you need to purchase and activate a new one. And if you would like to buy your own transponder, we have some available at a cost of £31 (in case you are wondering, yes, you can buy from myLaps direct, but that will cost you €36 with an additional €28.81 postage).

Hope to see lots of you on Monday