Dear Rider,

As you probably know the Track League is in desperate need of volunteers to continue running its programme of track racing – make no mistake, if the volunteers needed are not forthcoming we will have to take immediate steps to close operations and cancel our bookings of the track for 2016. This would be a tragic blow to track cycling in this area and could also lead to the loss of the track altogether.

The League has made great strides in recent years with the advent of the transponder system – indeed we were the forerunners of transponding systems being set up in other tracks in the country. One of our needs is for PC operators to run the system – it doesn’t have to be every week – if we get 2 or 3 volunteers for this job a roster system could be set up. We need people with good IT skills, not necessarily even a track cyclist – see if you can twist someone’s arm !

Our other main requirement is for someone to co-ordinate or carry out the various tasks needed for the League to run smoothly. Ideally it would be a track rider or ex-track rider. Are you coming to the end of your racing career and be able to put something back into the sport ? Perhaps you know someone who is an ex-rider who would be prepared to put in a few hours a week to enable the League to continue ?

Please give this serious consideration – the continuation of the League is at stake.

Yours sincerely,

Reading Track League Committee.