Starting at 1pm, tomorrow will see the 15th edition of this track meeting, sponsored by Sean Bannister and his sister Jane.

The forecast is good, perhaps you haven’t entered as it’s been so cold and wet for so long. There will be sign on on the day, so why not give it a go?


Women’s Omnium – 500m Time Trial (1 lap)
U14/U16 Omnium – 10 lap scratch
Seniors/Juniors – 10 lap scratch
Women’s Omnium – 8km scratch (16 laps)
U14/U16 -Keirin – 3 laps, derny pulls off at the start of the home straight.
Seniors/Juniors – Devil – one out every lap, down to last 2, no free lap
Women’s Omnium – 500m Sprint – based on standings after first two rounds,
U14/U16 – Derny – 20 laps
Women’s Omnium -Ind. Pursuit – 2km (4 laps)
Seniors/Juniors – Bordeaux-Paris Stage 1, 20km scratch race (44 laps).
Women’s Omnium – Points Race, 10km (20 laps),
U14/U16 – Devil – one out every lap, down to last 2, no free lap
Seniors/Juniors – Bill Bannister Memorial Trophy – Bordeaux-Paris Stage 2, 30km Derny race (65 laps) –  This is a round of the national hard track endurance series.
Seniors/Juniors – Riders that did not qualify for stage 2 – Scratch Race, 20 laps
Prize Presentation -All