Derny training day – Sunday 22nd September 2013, Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City, Al8 6XE.


  • This will be an intense practical, interactive course – lots of Derny time.
  • Applicants will require a minimum of BC Silver membership to qualify for an award.
  • Awards, following a satisfactory assessment, will be BC Motor Pace “C” or “B” or a referral for more training.
  • Our aim is to qualify competent pacers – not fail them!
  • Cost will be £50.00 – to cover track hire & Derny costs.
  • Followers, with track experience, will be welcome from 14:00 – free follower training!
  • Lunch is not provided – bring your own.
  • Tutors will be: Francis Gallacher & Seán Bannister, assisted by experienced pacers; Chris Macleod, Pip Taylor & tutor Andy Pitt.
  • Dernys are provided – thanks to Reading Velodrome Racing & Welwyn Wheelers.
  • Participants will be divided into two working groups, each led by a Tutor.
  • Track activities will proceed on a “one group on, one group off” basis.
  • Off time will be very busy with de-brief, interactive discussion and brief for the next exercise.
  • Activities will be tailored to meet needs.
  • Acceptance will be on a first come first served basis – the course is by popular demand.

Application form: (To be returned with full fee by Saturday 14th September).

Please also email copy applications for record purposes.


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British Cycling membership number: _____________________________

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Please contact Gordon Sherratt if interested.