Performance Cycle Coaching will be running a track clinic January 4-5 at Newport Velodrome.

Day 1 of this 2 day course will be targeting standing starts from an official pneumatic gate. This will be accompanied by the beeps to give a real race feel to each effort and each set will be followed by video analysis discussing timing, body position, commitment and every aspect of how to get you starting as efficiently as possible. This is a great opportunity to put your mind at rest or get some valuable practice out of a starting gate, allowing you to fully focus on the job at hand come race day.

Day 2 will mainly be focusing on sprint tactics. We will use a combination of 2 up, 3 up and coach lead racing to practice and develop your tactics, again accompanied by detailed video analysis of each race. Racing in this manor will allow us to create the scenario that you want to practice, be it from the front or the back. There will also be opportunities to practice flying efforts, on special request, again with video feedback.

If you are interested in attending this weekend or have questions, please contact me,

I look forward to hearing from you,

Pete Mitchell

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