Reading Track League is divided into four leagues:

  • A League – Seniors, Veterans and Juniors – mostly Elite, 1st and 2nd category riders
  • B League – Seniors, Veterans and Juniors – mostly 3rd and 4th category riders
  • C League – Veterans, Novices, Ladies, U16s and U14s
  • D League – U12/U10/U8

It is policy of track league to keep all U16 boys together. U16 girls will be competing with the Ladies. Depending on numbers groups of riders or leagues might be combined or split on the night.

Payments and Refunds

Payment will not be taken until a meeting has started if the weather forecast is at all doubtful. No refunds will be given after entry if a meeting proceeds and you decide not to participate. All other refunds are at the discretion of the Track League Committee.

Info for Riders

Riders will be asked to affiliate to League on entering first meeting. Guest riders may sign up for a max of 3 meetings before being required to affiliate and are not eligible for any prizes. Ladies wishing to ride in the A or B Leagues may do so but are required to inform the organiser beforehand and will not be eligible for Ladies points or prizes.

Transponder use is compulsory. If you do not already have a myLaps transponder, you can either purchase one or hire one for £5 with a £20 refundable deposit – please contact the organiser for details. On the day entry – guest riders only – includes transponder hire – the £20 deposit still needs to be paid. Online entry closes at 5pm on the preceding Saturday. The program will be emailed and a link posted on Facebook on the Sunday.