There will be changes for 2018 – please come back and have a look in the New Year.


We shall be running three leagues (A, B and C) for adults and youths (U14 and older), as well as GoRide racing for u12s (league)

A League

Senior and Junior Elite, 1st and 2nd cat riders, Ladies

B League

Senior and Junior 3rd and 4th cat riders, Ladies

C League

Ladies – 3rd and 4th cat, U16s and U14s, 4th cat novices and vets


Riders are free to choose the league they wish to ride (U14s need dispensation from track league to ride a league other than C,    Elite, 1st and 2nd cat ladies will only be accepted into B or A leagues), but we reserve the right, after consultation with the rider, to move riders up or down a league if we feel they would benefit from a different league.